Build it and they will come, right? – WRONG WRONG WRONG!

Where politics is the art of the possible, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the art of the visible.

Of the potential customers who seek out your business on the internet, there are 3 types of prospects searching for you.

  1. They have your website address or a link to it, thus they do not use a search engine to locate your business
  2. Someone who has heard of your company name and what you do – they will enter your company name or/and the name of the service you provide in search engines.
  3. Someone who does not know your business but would like to find a company that provides the service you do. In Google, they enter the keywords relevant to your service or product and you come up in Number #1 Position!

For visibility, your company needs to appear on the first page of search engine listings, preferably in the top 5. How is that achieved? By Authority and Relevancy.

Let me explain Authority first… You are great buddies with the CEOs of Microsoft, Apple and Amazon, and they all agree to put links on their websites to yours. This would be mana from heaven. Such websites have huge authority on the internet and this would then confer authority on your site. The more authority your website carries the higher up the search rankings it will appear. In short, get as many inbound links to your website from other quality websites. This is known as off-site Search eEngine Optimsation.

Relevancy is known as on-site search engine optimisation and this is where WebCloud will carry out most of the SEO work on your behalf. In consultation with you we will analyse the keyphrases relevant to your business and optimise the webpages on your website accordingly.

Summing up – Search Engine Optimsation is part of your sales cycle. Updating content on your facebook business page, your twitter account, blogs and contributing to industry forums helps with your all-round visibility. Quality and relevant communication about your business and industry will inspire people to ‘like’ your content and retweet. This will all help your visibility.